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The Drilling Data
Processing System


WITSML Service Platform: The drilling data processing system

A drilling data processing system makes all your WITSML tools work smoothly together. WSP captures drilling data, runs processing jobs, and delivers the result to your WITSML-enabled tools. It’s a high performance computing platform for transforming drilling data, and exchanging it.
  • Monitor measurements and raise alarms. WSP Apps can raise alarms based on simple out-of-range conditions, and on much more complex criteria.
  • Drill efficiently by tracking key performance metrics. WSP Apps compute curve values you use in downstream analysis and decision tools.
  • Automate cleansing and normalizing WITSML data so your software tools work consistently. When you collect data from many sources, deliver it to application software, and archive it in your system of record, you need to ensure the data conforms to your requirements. Incorrect or inconsistent data can cause expensive and dangerous mistakes. WSP Apps can ensure data is correct and consistent before downstream tools use it.
WSP supports plugin modules, called “WSP Apps”, for making real time calculations on drilling data, for decision support and quality control.
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